Team building & activities

Cooperation is not always effortless, but building cooperation through games and activities is much simpler – and more fun! As a complement to the more serious core content of your conference we have developed proposals for both challenging and fun team-building activities suitable for both large and small groups.

If you want to arrange something totally individual, our event booking team will be happy to help. They have lots of great ideas and extensive experience of booking artists, and can put you in touch with our contacts or arrange tickets for entertainment events in town. Have a chat to our booking team, who can help add an extra special touch to your conference.

Whether you are looking to arrange sports events, champagne-tasting, cooking or wine-tasting with our dedicated in-house chefs and sommeliers, or perhaps put on a yoga class or just be inspired by a really good speaker – tell us about the intended aim of the day and we’ll come up with something extra to enhance it even further.

After Conference – Drinks tasting

Not only is a drinks tasting event a good way of spending time together and creating a sense of community, but it also provides inspiration and new knowledge. Bring along a group of colleagues, friends or customers and be inspired by aromas and flavours.

Workout & Relax

Why not enjoy a group fitness session in connection with your conference?
At Upper House Spa we offer yoga, core training and circuit training.
Finish off your session in our relaxation lounge, where you can chill out on comfy chairs while enjoying wonderful views of Gothenburg. Coffee, tea, fruit and flavoured water are all available here.

Workout & Spa

Why not enjoy a group fitness session and spa visit in connection with your conference?
At Upper House Spa we offer yoga, core training and circuit training. Afterwards enjoy our spa, where you will find our outdoor pool, 50 metres up in the air with a glass bottom, jet stream pool, warm relaxation pool, Scandinavian dry sauna, Hamam and steam sauna with essential oils, and more.

Paddan sightseeing boats

Hire one of Gothenburg’s Paddan boats and take a trip along Gothenburg’s waterways to view the major sights of the city. Come aboard for a lunch-break outing or the perfect end to your conference day! The boat will collect you outside Gothia Towers, beside the canal. And why not take along our famed King Size shrimp sandwich as a take away, for lunch or as an After Work treat, on board y...

Visit Liseberg Amusement Park

Try something different before or after your meeting, conference or trade fair. The Nordic region’s biggest amusement park is the ideal place to make lasting memories. With all manner of rides and experiences, the pentathlon, the amusement arcade, hundreds of thousands of flowers, on-stage entertainment and theatre, Liseberg has something for everyone. Liseberg is located right next to Got...

Guided tour of Universeum!

Ta en paus från mötet, mässbesöket eller eventet och guidas runt under cirka 1,5 timma. Upplev tropisk regnskog, jättelika akvarier, hälsa på hos hajar, bläckfiskar och kliv in i en rymdstation. Dessutom träffar ni ormar och andra giftiga djur, ser apor och fåglar röra sig helt fritt och lär dig hur naturen inspirerat till ny teknik. Universeum ligger tvärs över gatan från Got...

Summer games/ Winter games

Challenge your colleges in a summer/winter game. You will in a playful and fun way face several disciplines. A good team spirit is the key to becoming the winning nation at this game.

Marine multi competition

A fun competition where teams meet in different disciplines within a marine theme. Who can tie knots the quickest, place the beacons right, work together to get the message in a bottle the quickest and so on.


The teams will with the guidance of GPS’s devices navigate their way to various manned and unmanned station where different missions will be presented. By solving them as quickly as possible and move on to the next station, one team will be crowned the winners and receive medals during the price ceremony!

The battle of the treasure

The battle begins with an auction where participants can bid on different objects that have an unknown value further on in the competition. A variety of activities will test the team’s cooperation, team effort and clarify if they have bought the right items in the auction to help them along the way. With the help of GPS’s and clues won, the teams will now fight for the treasure.

On the track

We start the journey somewhere in the world and the challenge is to figure out where we are heading. Team spirit is important when the team’s knowledge is put to the test, together you will answer the questions about our destinations.

We also offer a wine tasting version!

Time is running out

“Time is running out” is a fun and challenging competition where everyone can participate. The group will be divided into teams that will compete in multiple challenges. Every team pick one teammate for each round and the teammate will face the other team’s challenger.

The Conference Mystery

To solve the mystery, you will compete in team’s trough different missions. Each mission won gives the teams better chances of solving the final task and win the competition. There are a variety of challenges awaiting, puzzles to be solved and tasks to be performed. (can be done outdoors)

Mission Completed

With the use of a surf tablet and a backpack, the teams will navigate to approximately 40 checkpoints, where the teams will face different tasks including logical thinking, tricky questions and creative solutions. Some of the missions require taking photos or record – everything to get the high points. But watch out for the forbidden zones, if you happen to walk into these the team wil...

The Ultimate Challenge

Challenge your colleagues in this competition where it is important to keep focus and fight hard. We start with the first round where the contestants will face challenges containing physical endurance, brainteasers and perception of time. You need to work as a team to reach the finals. The winning team will be directly qualified to the final, whilst the rest will have to struggle in an elimi...