Plenty of space for large numbers. Or small parties.

Small meetings, large meetings, meticulously-planned conferences and international gatherings. Gothia Towers has conference venues and meeting rooms for groups ranging in size from 2 to 8,800. In practice therefore you can invite 8,800 guests at the same time, and 2,800 of these can be accommodated in our large Hall C, and a further 1,500 within our Congress Hall.
The Congress Hall can also be transformed into a grand banqueting hall for 1,100 seated guests. The seating can be raised up into the ceiling, tables brought in and laid ready. Many of our rooms have stages and can be flexibly adapted to suit your requirements.

Small 1-120 people

Our fixed conference rooms offer a wealth of possibilities for meetings of all sizes. Our meeting rooms can be arranged in various configurations and combinations to suit your particular meeting or event. Theatre-style Classroom-style U-shaped Boardroom Daylight Wifi Projector/LED-screen Flipchart Whiteboard

Medium 120-600 people

The bigger the meeting, the bigger the demands placed on the venue. Our rooms for medium-sized meetings are equipped with everything you might need and are highly flexible. Rooms A, E, F, G and H and the Expo Hall can be used individually, but can also be combined to create brand new spaces, which are ideal for events and exhibitions. Theatre-style Classroom-style U-shaped Boardroom Cabarét-style Daylight Wifi Projector/LED screen Flipchart Whiteboard

Large 600-1,500 people

The Congress Hall consists of the hall itself and a foyer with its own entrance. It can also be combined with surrounding rooms. The entrance faces towards Scandinavium, with an escalator up to the foyer on level 1. The foyer has plenty of space for registration and includes offices and kitchens. This is the ideal area for small exhibitions, welcome drinks or an informal gathering. Auditorium-style Cabbarét-style Wifi Projector/LED-screen Flipchart Whiteboard

Extra Large 1,500-6,000 people

As well as our meeting rooms and halls, we also offer foyers and large spaces that are often used for various kinds of exhibitions. But they are also ideal for large-scale meetings, events, banquets and informal gatherings. Theatre-style Classroom-style U-shaped Boardroom seating Wifi Projector/LED-screen Flipchart Whiteboard

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