On the track

We start the journey somewhere in the world and the challenge is to figure out where we are heading. Team spirit is important when the team’s knowledge is put to the test, together you will answer the questions about our destinations.


4-50 people: 350 SEK/pp
51+ people: 300 SEK/pp
Minimum: 4 900 SEK
Time consumption: 2h
Max participants: 1 000 people


This activity combines our challenging activity “On the track” with a wine tasting. The team’s figure out where we are heading, answers questions about the destinations and together with a wine taster you try out a wine from the region.

4+ personer: 490 SEK/pp
Minimum: 8 000 SEK
Time consumption: 2h
Max participants: 500 people
The beverage is excluded from the price above and will be charged additionally.

All prices ex VAT. Possible venue billing may be added.

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