In order to be able to execute the seeming impossible tasks which the participants will be faced
to, every participant will have to learn and master a new skill/technique which is thought in the
introduction phase of the seminar. The skill is then used in one of these four categories:
Brainhacking, Memory, Mental training or Neuromagic.

The tasks could be anything from learning and executing a magic trick without getting caught to
“reading someones mind”!? Or how about being able to memorise a list of twenty different
random objects in numerical order, just by listen to the given random object once. Many
participants also gets bewildered when they discover how to control the technique to hold their
breath for much, much longer than they ever thought was possible, or being able to lay down
naked in the snow enjoying and embracing the cold(!) for a long time without shivering or feeling
the sensation of coldness…

This unique Team building is not only thrilling, exciting and fun it is also very interesting, educative
and intriguing. The best part is that all participants will bring home a new skill and technique
which suddenly have given them “supernatural powers”, which they will use daily (The new skills
will be the cherry on top of the cream at any given moment of any type of event or celebration,
where they will be able to perform these seemingly impossible “party-tricks”!)

For more info, please see attached files:

Mental Training


SEK 20,000
Duration: 1.5 – 3h.
Group size: 30 – 200 participants (30 – 150 recommended).
All prices exclude VAT.
These prices apply if a meeting room is already booked. If booking the activity only, additional room costs will apply.

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