Kidz at Gothia Towers

Hi! We are Egon, Trippelina and Gustav, and the hotel’s mascots.

It would be such fun if you could come to visit us! If you and your family haven’t booked a hotel in Gothenburg already, tell mum and dad you want to stay at Gothia Towers. All the decisions in a family ought to be made according to the same rule – children get to decide. We think that’s the right way. And we think that should also be the case when you are choosing a hotel!

Kidz Corner & Kidz Hangout

All youngsters have their very own areas here for chilling out all year round! They are adult-free and you can run around and play to your heart’s content. We understand the need to have some time to yourself after a full day spent with the grown-ups…
We have Kidz Corners in the hotel lobby of Tower 3 for young children. There are toys, a mini kitchen and a train track in our Kidz Lounge & a corner with climbing equipment for letting off steam.
We also have our Kidz Hangout aimed at slightly older children. Here you will find shuffleboard, table football and an iWall, among other entertainment.

Kidz Menus

All our restaurants have children’s menus (see links below).

Restaurant menus for children of all ages

All the restaurants love Kidz! Our chefs have created special menus just for you and we have great drawing paper and pencils that you can borrow. Take a look at our menus below. Remember to book a table early.
Children’s menus are available at: Heaven 23West Coast and Corner.

Kidz Corner & Hang out

Our Kidz Corner by Jollyroom is designed for younger children and has toys, a mini kitchen and a lounge. In our Rodeco play area, children can clamber about and let off steam. We also have a Kidz Hang-out aimed at slightly older children. Here there is shuffleboard and a ping pong table, among other entertainment.
You can find Kidz Corner and Hang-out in the lobby of Tower 3.

Egon, Trippelina & Gustav

Perhaps you are curious about what we do all day?

When we’re not relaxing at home in our cabin on the roof, we are out exploring the hotel. One of our favourite places to play is the hotel manager’s office, although she gets mad if we mess up her desk. She never knows who’s responsible – and we certainly never tell anyone it was us. She likes us a lot, and you could say we are her mascots! She is called Elisabeth and she’s actually a fantastic manager, but it’s still great fun teasing her!
We also enjoy travelling up and down in the lift. The staff on reception tell us we shouldn’t mess around in the lifts, but you can travel in the lift with an adult and enjoy that funny feeling in your tummy as the lift starts and stops!

Gothenburg for kids

PS Here you can find plenty of tips and ideas for activities in and around Gothenburg. Gothenburg has no end of exciting activities for families with children. Pick and choose from highlights such as fun-filled Liseberg, experimental Universeum or the aquarium at Gothenburg’s Maritime Museum.