Room extras

Give away a nice treat as a welcome gift! Surprise your partner with flowers and a bottle of Champagne to the room! The wines are well selected by our own sommelier and vary during the year.

Order one of our new lovely boxes filled with goodies. The boxes are adapted for 2 persons. Subject to changes in assortment.

Feel free to contact us to order room extras and we will help you, but keep in mind that we need a booking number to be able to add room extras to a booking.

Tel: 031-708 83 20
Email: [email protected]


Kidz Box (2 of each)
Zoo candy, Popcorn, Biscuit chocolate, Lollipops, Smakis pear drink.
SEK 115

Snacks Box
Olives, Parmesan snacks, Center toffee, Nut mix, Truffle crisps.
SEK 215

Movie Box
Crisps with sea salt, Gourmet nut mix, Center toffee, Popcorn, Ahlgrens fruity marshmallow sweets.
SEK 115

For wedding couples (or to celebrate love)
75 cl sparkling rosé wine and chocolate pralines
SEK 495

Wine & Sparkling

75 cl Champagne SEK 725

75 cl Sparkling wine SEK 385

75 cl Red wine SEK 595

75 cl White wine SEK 595:-

Perfect for children

Kidz Box

Goes nicely with the wine

Snacks Box

Lovely mix in front of the TV

Movie Box

Noga utvalt av vår Sommelier

Wine & Sparkling

Beautiful Flowers

Small bouquet seasonal flowers SEK 425
Large bouquet seasonal flowers SEK 595

Small bouquet romantic red roses SEK 425
Large bouquet romantic red roses SEK 595

Flowers Forever roses gift box* with red roses SEK 795
(*naturally preserved roses in a gift box)

Heart shaped balloon with a rose SEK 250

Welcome to contact us for an order!

Room extras can be ordered no later than. 12.00 the day before arrival for delivery to the room. Sunday delivery is 48 hours prior to arrival.

Tel: 031-708 83 20
Email: [email protected]

(The pictures do not illustrate exactly the products and the assortment and can vary, expire or end from supplier. Subject to changes.)