Membership rules for Club Gothia Towers

General terms and conditions of membership

  • The parties in Club Gothia Towers are the member and Gothia Towers AB.
  • Membership of Club Gothia Towers is personal, and will only be granted to persons aged 18 or over. Companies and other legal entities cannot be members.
  • In the event of misuse of membership, Gothia Towers AB is entitled to terminate membership with immediate effect. In such a case of termination, earned points and unused vouchers will cease to apply. In the event of misuse, the membership card will be recalled and will only be returned to the holder once an acceptable explanation has been received. Any misuse of Club Gothia Towers may be reported to the police.
  • Club Gothia Towers reserves the right to amend provisions, terms and conditions and the content of Club Gothia Towers during the membership period. In such a case, Gothia Towers will do everything it can to notify members of changes in plenty of time, but cannot be held responsible in any way if this is not possible.
  • If no points are earned during a 12-month period, Gothia Towers AB reserves the right to stop sending regular information to the member.
  • If no points are earned during a continuous three-year period, Gothia Towers AB reserves the right to terminate membership without prior notice and to remove any unused points.
  • New members enter at Bronze level. Members are upgraded to higher levels on reaching predetermined criteria during a 12-month period. In order to upgrade to Silver level, or to remain at Silver level, 11 point-earning overnight stays at Gothia Towers and/or Upper House are required during a 12-month period. In order to upgrade to Gold level, or to remain at Gold level, 26 point-earning overnight stays at Gothia Towers and/or Upper House are required during a 12-month period. In order to upgrade to Platinum level, or to remain at Platinum level, 51 point-earning overnight stays at Gothia Towers and/or Upper House are required during a 12-month period. Membership is valid during the current year in which the member qualifies, and for the following 12 months.
  • Member benefits linked to membership only apply at Gothia Towers AB. Member benefits are stated in currently applicable information about membership levels at
  • If a member chooses to terminate his or her membership, earned points must be used no later than when terminating membership.

Business travel

  • Club members who earn points in Club Gothia Towers in connection with consumption paid for by their employer may be obliged to notify their employer of this in advance. If the employer has a policy on such matters, this policy shall apply.
  • Benefits earned on services/products paid for by an employer may be taxable. It is the member’s responsibility to remain informed and up-to-date on this.
  • Gothia Towers AB is not responsible for any consequences relating to taxes and fees that may arise in connection with earning points and member benefits.

Storing data

  • Personal details provided by the member in connection with registering for membership, provided in the future or received by Gothia Towers AB in any other manner within the context of membership of Club Gothia Towers will be processed by Gothia Towers AB or its legal successor for the purposes of membership administration. Personal details may also be used to coordinate offers and other activities with Gothia Towers AB or its partners. Details may also be transferred to Gothia Towers’ partners, and may also be used for marketing purposes outside the context of membership.
  • The member is entitled, on written request to Gothia Towers AB, to receive information about which of his or her personal details are processed by Gothia Towers AB. The member is also entitled to request that details are corrected or deleted. This should be done in writing by contacting
  • By applying for membership, the member consents to the above-mentioned processing of personal details and to receive information and marketing materials from Gothia Towers AB.
  • Information regarding membership will only be given out to the member, or to an individual who can produce written authority signed by the member.
  • Gothia Towers AB should be informed of any change of name or address. This should be notified in writing to


  • Members of Club Gothia Towers receive points on overnight visits and restaurant visits to Gothia Towers’ public restaurants, parking, films, spa entry, etc. provided that consumption takes place in connection with an overnight stay at Gothia Towers/Upper House and that costs are charged to the hotel room bill. Costs that are invoiced do not earn points.
  • The membership number must have been stated at the time of booking and when checking in to the hotel. Points are awarded when the member has stayed in person.
  • Points are not awarded for bookings made by third parties, e.g. online travel agencies, coach companies or similar.
  • Group and special prices do not earn points. Gothia Towers AB is free to decide what earns points.
  • Points for restaurant visits will be awarded up to a maximum total of SEK 5,000 per twenty-four hour period, and will only be awarded in connection with an overnight stay at the hotel. Restaurant bills must be charged to the hotel room bill in order for points to be awarded. Costs that are invoiced do not earn points.
  • Points are not awarded for hire of premises, hire of equipment or meals in connection with conferences.
  • The only occasion when the member can earn points for additional rooms to the room in which the member personally stays is when members of the member’s immediate family stay in more than one room on a single occasion.
  • Goods and services from external parties that are only or partly provided by Gothia Towers do not earn points, such as show/event tickets, etc.
  • Points cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • Points are personal, and cannot be transferred to another club member.
  • Points are valid for two years from the date when they are earned. Unused points then expire automatically and thereby become unusable. When points are redeemed, the oldest points will always be used first.
  • Gothia Towers AB reserves the right to exclude the opportunity to collect points and take advantage of member benefits in connection with special offers, special prices via third party channels and certain agreements with companies, partners and organisations.
  • Points that for various reasons are not registered in the usual way can subsequently be registered within six months of completing a hotel stay. However, in order for this to be possible the guest must have been a member of Club Gothia Towers at the time of the occasion in question. Subsequent registration of points can be arranged via Valid documentation, e.g. the hotel bill, must be attached as documentation in order for subsequent registration to take place.
  • Points are not awarded when claiming a free night. This applies regardless of whether the free night is paid for in part with cash. Nor does payment with redeemed vouchers, such as restaurant vouchers, bring entitlement to earn points. When a free night is claimed, Gothia Towers AB reserves the right to exclude the opportunity to use member benefits.
  • Members who are also members of another loyalty programme only earn points in one programme. Members choose which programme to earn points in.

Using points and other club benefits

  • Points can be used to claim free nights or other offers from Gothia Towers AB according to the currently applicable redemption table shown at Free nights can be booked when logged in at or via the booking team.
  • The availability of free nights at Gothia Towers and Upper House is dependent on free capacity at the time of booking.
  • Issued vouchers are a document of value that can be used as part or full payment. Repayment in cash is not possible. Vouchers must be surrendered at the time when the member wishes to use them. The validity period of the voucher is stated on the voucher. Lost vouchers will not be replaced.
  • Two or more members cannot combine their points to reach the threshold for redeeming points unless this is specifically stated in an offer. Points that are registered to a member’s profile cannot be transferred to another member profile.
  • Cancellation of free nights or other redemption of points must take place within the stipulated time. Specific rules apply to whether, and if so how many, points can be reapplied to the member’s account.
  • Member benefits and the requirements in order to qualify for the different levels are stated in the currently applicable information about membership levels at


  • In the event of any dispute relating to the contents of these terms and conditions in whole or in part, Swedish law shall apply and the dispute shall be resolved in a Swedish court of law. Gothia Towers AB is not responsible for events due to legal enactment, the actions of an authority, emergencies, strikes, blockades, boycotts, lockouts or other similar circumstances.

These membership rules enter into force on 19 May 2014, replace all previous rules and apply until further notice.