Our themes

Unique concepts blending celebration and fantasy

Unique concepts blending celebration and fantasy

We give our creative team free rein to go ‘all out’ in creating fantastical settings that deliver a party atmosphere and transport your attendees to another world. Lighting, sound and amazing decorations are just some of the ingredients that go into creating these imaginative recipes for success.

One of our most popular themes is Made in Sweden, where we treat your guests to a culinary smorgasbord that reflects the seasons, from northern lights to Midsummer Eve. Why not offer a Street Food Bonanza, for which we set up a sumptuous Food Court with exciting aromas and mouthwatering flavours from around the world? We can also transform the event venue into a stylish Chill-out Lounge, where our waiting staff will be on hand among the guests to serve refreshing drinks and delicious canapés, all with a strong focus on fresh ingredients and sustainable production. Or we can create a magical time capsule, with hairdos, clothing and music that capture a variety of eras for our epic journey through time.

Get in touch to find out more about our themes, or we can create a customised experience specifically for your guests.

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