West Banqueting Hall

West Banqueting Hall är en mycket uppskattad lokal för lanseringar, fester, events och mer. Den ljusa lokalen har egen entré och stora glasytor ut mot gatan.

he West Banqueting Hall may be shaped into a smaller hall at 665 ㎡, perfect for mingle between up to 400 people.
If you want to use the entire West Banqueting Hall for your event, we’ll easily create a dinner and party place for up to 1 062 seated guests! Do you have an even bigger event? Then we may create a mingle area for 2 000 people without a problem. You may also combine the West Banqueting Hall with Scandinavium!


We offer a wide range of entertainment, including shows, cover bands, MCs and DJs to suit every budget and every taste. We’ll put together the best package for you.
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Do you want to bring along your own entertainment? Or does someone within your company harbour artistic talents? We can offer high-quality solutions to meet your technology needs. Any additional technology costs will be charged for.
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Hiring the venue includes banqueting settings (complete with table linen, serviettes, flowers and candles), waiting and bar staff, stage, dimmable light, partly draped walls, security guards, project management, cloakroom and cleaning. You will have access to the venue all day.
1,500 people – SEK 165 per person
1,000 people – SEK 175 per person
750 people – SEK 185 per person
500 people – SEK 195 per person

At a glance: West Banqueting Hall – at Hall E

Total area: 2 100 &#13217
Minimum ceiling height: 4,3 m
Maximum ceiling height: 4,9 m
Maximum ceiling load: 50 kg/&#13217
Maximum floor load, spread: 3 000 &#13217
Maximum floor load, point: 20 000/&#13217
Goods entrance D: 5 x 4,1 m
Goods entrance E: 7,5 x 5 m
Entrance no 8: 4,9 x 4,9 m
Goods lift 34: 2,75 x 5 x 2,4 m, max 4 000 kg
Fire alarm: Yes
Sprinkler system: Yes