Small Digital Rooms

Room with delegate microphones/video conference

Type of meeting: digital and hybrid​

Number of places: to be adjusted as required, max. 15 microphones/meeting​

Catering and accommodation: available and can be adapted to your requirements. ​

Size: adjusted to requirements​

We can adapt rooms to suit the number of people. Each participant will have access to their own delegate microphone.​

What is a meeting with delegate microphones or video conferencing? ​

This is a digital meeting solution with reliable sound and picture quality. There are a number of participants present, with the option to stream pictures and sound to other participants, who connect via a link. For example, via Teams or Zoom. ​

This solution is suitable, for instance, for companies, clubs and societies or groups where the majority live in Gothenburg, but need to meet digitally with persons in another location via a link. ​

We also offer various types of conference room for video conferencing without delegate microphones. Access to telephone, screen with camera and speakers for video conferencing. ​

Price and basic package: The cost of delegate microphones is SEK 1,250/each. The cost includes start-up assistance from a technician and also support, microphone, camera and computers to access the technology. (Technical support only relates to hardware, not Teams or similar)​