Large Digital Studio

Gothia Studio, streaming studio

Type of meeting: digital and hybrid ​

Number of places: 1 to multiple people on stage.

Live audience: max. 12 people​

Size: 225 m2 ​

What is a larger digital meeting, streaming event or hybrid meeting? Digital meeting, virtual meeting, video meeting all mean that you meet with others without physically being in the same location.  A streaming event can mean that instead you only stream content to a digital audience without any interaction. What makes a meeting a hybrid meeting is the interaction and the inclusion between the digital and physical audience. In the Gothia Studio you can set up a broadcast with a live audience and/or hold a hybrid meeting where we link up physical participants and digital participants.​

Who is it suitable for? The streaming studio is ideal for meetings where more participants need to be on stage, live broadcasts, panel discussions, AGMs, recordings and launches.​

You can hold all types of digital meetings, hybrid meetings or events here. You can opt to use the studio set up as it is or adjust it to your requirements. There is plenty of space to construct extra studio areas or audience areas.​

Gothia Studio is fully kitted out with all the technology needed for a streaming event: a digital 6×3 m LED wall as a backdrop and a slightly larger presentation area. We can easily set up the studio for even larger productions by adding extra technology. ​

Price and basic package: Free consultation regarding setup. The basic price includes: room hire, basic technical equipment including 2 cameras, 2 wireless headsets, sound and lighting equipment, streaming equipment and 2 technicians. All equipment and technical support can be adapted to suit your requirements. Consequently it is only possible to give a price on request following consultation. ​


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