Hybrid Event Arena

Brief information on Gothia Studios – Hybrid Event Arena
The Hybrid Event Arena is our new hybrid meeting venue. It has been designed to provide a great shared experience for both physical and digital participants. The stage is 30 m wide and 5 m deep with three different sections, so you can vary content as needed, which allows you to adapt broadcasts for each target group, whether they are physically present or participating digitally. The stage can easily be rebranded with the organiser’s logo or graphic profile for a striking overall impression.

The arena is fully equipped with all the basic technical equipment needed to hold a large event with both physical and digital participants: sound, lighting and image technology, cameras and equipment for streaming. All participants can network and communicate directly with one another via a digital portal, if you wish.

The large arena offers plenty of space to accommodate a large number of attendees, allowing for Covid-secure distancing, once restrictions allow this again. Large items can easily be transported in via the loading doors, which are a full 10 m wide and 5.2 m high, making the arena ideal for events such as launches and product demonstrations where you need plenty of space.

Who and what is it suitable for?
The arena differs from our other studios in terms of its generous size of xx m2 and the possibilities offered by having three stage sections in the same venue. This makes it highly flexible and opens up scope for all kinds of events, both digital and physical: conferences, launches, galas, trade fairs and other events.
The arena can be hired for studio recording with no audience present, as an event venue with guests present without streaming, or as a hybrid meeting room with both physical and digital participants.

Safety is our top priority and we are naturally complying with current restrictions
The arena’s basic technical set-up is designed for an event with up to 300 physical participants, as well as simple broadcasting for digital participants. By adding extra equipment and staff, the digital broadcast can be scaled up to give a more TV-like experience.
The venue can accommodate more than 300 guests and we have plenty of space and scope to adapt events as required, while still ensuring safe conditions and once it is permitted again.
Why not send us an enquiry, so we can provide you with flexible suggestions and options?

Price and basic package:
Free consultation regarding set-up. The basic price includes:
• Access to venue for 8 h (08.00-17.00 with a break for lunch 12.00-13.00)
• Up to 300 participants at the venue
• Sound system and sound equipment for speakers with up to 4 x wireless headsets/microphones
• Lighting equipment with both fixed and movable lights
• Lighting in the room
• 3 x 8m wide projection surfaces
• 2 x manned cameras
• Image mixer system
• 3 x running computers for playing films and presentations
• Streaming server for an unlimited number of viewers
• 1 x production supervisor
• 1 x imaging technician
• 1 x imaging producer
• 2 x sound engineers
• 1 x lighting technician

Example of common extras for a better participant experience:
• Digital portal designed for your event, so that all participants can communicate with one another during the event
• Connection of external digital speakers via Teams/Zoom/Meet/Skype or similar
• For a better digital production: more cameras, camera crane, steadicam, rails
• Additional sound equipment for live band/performance, and more microphones
• Project time to help you develop your concept, broadcast, running order, event producer, etc.
• Extended venue time, if needed

All equipment and technical support can be adapted to suit your requirements. Consequently it is only possible to give a price on request following consultation.