Hub meeting

In a hub meeting, we offer the opportunity to digitally connect several physical meeting rooms, where you have participants onsite. These can be meeting rooms at the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre, conference rooms around Sweden or studios scattered in all corners of the world. Most commonly, the main broadcast is produced and managed from Gothenburg, but we can also connect our venue to an existing hub production via the desired event platform. If you choose to have two-way communication between hub and studio, you can have direct dialogue, both with audio and video. In addition, external speakers can join via Teams or Zoom to give talks to all participants.

Prior to the broadcast, we create a social network where participants in each hub can communicate with each other, chat, have their own video meetings or send messages.

This is ideal for those who want to bring together and engage employees, partners, customers or stakeholders from different regions, countries or continents on an equal footing.

In addition, we can help you with concept, script, direction and project management. More information can be found under Digital Meeting Producer.