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We offer a wide choice of music and entertainment options – and can help you book the perfect artists and entertainment for an unforgettable event. 
Specially-produced entertainment can be delivered for your event. No request is too big, or too small. We have access to a fantastic range of artists, magicians, DJs, cover bands, musicians and shows and can cater for most requests.
Check out a selection of our favourites!


A magician is perfect entertainment for informal reception or dinner events or an exhibition stand. Our favourite is Rufus Wiena, who offers both close-up magic and exciting inspiration seminars, both full, half day or one hour.
He entrances guests with mind-reading and his sleight-of-hand card tricks. An act that is ideal for both informal receptions and dinners. Rufus is also one of the best in the world at “psychological illusions” – he knows, for example, what you are thinking…

Close-up magic (informal reception) from SEK 20,000.
Inspiration seminar from SEK 20,000.
Temes like Brainhacking, Memory or Neuromagic

All prices exclude VAT.

Rufus Wiena is a global artist with the whole world as his stage. He has performed for a number of big companies and with major artists around the world. In 2009 he became the Swedish Champion in Card Magic and in 2014 he took 4th place in the European Championship for “Close-Up Magic”.

Rufus can be booked for both Swedish and international guests.

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A pianist who plays and sings adds to the relaxed atmosphere of an informal reception. From SEK 8,250 excl. VAT


We offer DJs for all types of events. From SEK 8,250 excl. VAT


Want to go full speed on your event? We book the best coverbands. From SEK 33,000 excl. VAT


We have a wide variety of collaborators and a wide assortment of both artists and pre made entertainment concepts.

Stage bands

We have a wide range of artists to provide entertainment for your evening. We have everything from jazz to rock and vocal harmonies. Most of our bands also have a package price for booking, which includes a technician in the total sum. If you only need to book the artists themselves, then you have the option to do this.

All our prices exclude VAT.

Big-band jazz in Swedish

Markus Barske and the Göteborg Jazz Orchestra – a tribute to Swedish pop. No one can fail to be entertained when this eighteen-strong band turns its hand to Swedish pop hits with songs by The Cardigans, Håkan Hellström and Europe, to name but a few.
Singer/entertainer Markus Barske will perform these songs in a traditional crooner style. The Göteborg Jazz Orchestra are masters of swing and Andreas Hall has creatively arranged these gems from the Swedish pop elite in a style only a live big-band can deliver.

Price from SEK 65,000

All prices excl. VAT.


Jamladies is made up of three talented women with a wealth of experience at the top of their industry. Together they form an unbeatable trio who will help make your event a success with their unique blend of charm, warmth and a twinkle in the eye.
Jamladies have performed at hundreds of events and boast a wide-ranging repertoire that can be tailored to suit your individual event. An appealing show with fantastic singing mixed with pure showmanship that is sure to entertain everyone. Jamladies will make your gathering whatever you want it to be, whether the aim is to get your guests dancing, joining in with songs, standing on tables, kicking up their heels or simply enjoying three beautiful voices in harmony.

Price from SEK 22,000

All prises excl. VAT.

Gothenburg All Star

A young and amazingly skilled band. They were discovered in 2017 as the resident band at Göteborg Opera for the production of Hair. They are in huge demand, and the members also work as backing musicians for several Swedish artists. The basic line-up of the band is four musicians and a female vocalist. Additional artists or singers can be added, and possibly wind instruments.

Price from SEK 25,000

All prices excl. VAT.

Fröken Signe

A packed show evening! Want great vocal harmonies, a powerful rock show, low-key background music, a first-rate Christmas show with Lucia procession or hit songs from current bands? Then Fröken Signe are what you are looking for. They will deliver a sparkling show together with their guitarist, and no two performances are ever alike. The group generally have just as much fun on stage as their audience.

Price from SEK 30,000

All prices excl. VAT.