100 years in the heart of Scandinavia

The Gallery presents the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre’s Jubilee Exhibition:

100 years in the heart of Scandinavia at the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre

29 May – 12 August

In 1918, Sweden’s first trade fair threw open its doors in Gothenburg. During our first 100 years, the premises and the events put on here at the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre have evolved just as much as Gothenburg and society as a whole. However, people’s need to meet face to face, share experiences, solve problems and ‘test-drive’ the future has remained firm throughout that time.

The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre is now marking the start of its next 100 years together with guests, exhibitors, employees, visitors, delegates, 60,000 bees that produce honey on our roof and anyone else who is looking to help build the future through positive interaction.

Come and share history and the future with us!