Extra Large 1500-6000 people

Halls, foyers & lounges

– Extra Large 1,500-6,000 people

As well as our meeting rooms and halls, we also offer foyers and large spaces that are often used for various kinds of exhibitions. But they are also ideal for large-scale meetings, events, banquets and informal gatherings. Hall B is more than 10,000 m² in size, making it perfect for the grandest of events, and the Congress Foyer and the J Lounge are excellent venues for catering and exhibitions.

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Hall C

Hall C is our latest major venture and is absolutely state of the art. This is a world-class arena for up to 2,800 people, and is the perfect venue for meetings, performances, product launches and other events.
Extra Large Rooms Flexible furnishing

Hall B

Hall B is our largest hall, at 10,400 m². It is often used as an exhibition space, but is also ideal for expositions, fairs and catering in connection with large meetings and congresses, and for other large-scale events, parties and shows.
Extra Large Rooms Flexible furnishing

The Expo Hall

The Expo Hall covers an area of 550 m² and boasts a fantastic panoramic view of Liseberg. It also has its own entrance, making it ideal for spectacular, exclusive events, parties, product launches and exhibitions. The Expo Hall is also often used for expositions, informal gatherings or catering in connection with meetings in our F rooms.
Extra Large Rooms Flexible furnishing


A natural passageway outside our J rooms, this is the perfect space for informal gatherings, coffee breaks and small-scale exhibitions, and always goes down well with our guests.
Extra Large Rooms Flexible furnishing

The Congress Foyer

With marble flooring, spectacular panoramic views of Skånegatan (street) and large windows facing the arena Scandinavium, the Congress Foyer is a fantastic place for informal gatherings and parties.
Here you can hold a seated dinner for 500 people, or an informal gathering with up to 1,000 guests. The Congress Foyer is often used for informal gatherings and welcome drinks in connection with banquets in the Congress Hall.
Extra Large Rooms Flexible furnishing