Alcazar – 20 years of disco – mission completed

For 20 years Alcazar have been spreading the love to the Swedish population and the rest of the world. But after millions of singles sold, fantastic radio hits, four studio albums and various collections of hits, Alcazar have now announced that 2018 will be their final year together.
It is with a tear in our eye that we prepare to bid farewell to Tess, Andreas and Lina, but we have also been promised that their final SHOW together will be something exceptional.
Their final year together began with the release of brand-new song “In the name of love”, which is also the official EuroPride anthem, and in the autumn they will undertake an extensive tour of Sweden. And they are also set for a long run at The Theatre, Gothia Towers from 22 November to 15 December.

Alcazar – The Story

Alcazar initially comprised Andreas Lundstedt, Tess Merkel and Annikafiore Kjaergaard. The trio achieved major success in Sweden with their first single “Shine On”, and “Crying at the Discoteque” gave the group their big breakthrough in Europe. In December 2002, Alcazar became a quartet when Magnus Carlsson joined the group, and in 2007 there was a further change to the line-up when friend Lina Hedlund was invited to join them for a one-off performance in London. Their success was a fact; Alcazar subsequently became a trio once again consisting of Tess, Lina and Andreas.
Alcazar have released four studio albums and various collections of hits and have sold millions of singles. Their spectacular story also includes a number of successful appearances at Melodifestivalen and hit stage shows both in Sweden and internationally. Following their acclaimed “Disco Defenders” cabaret, it is once again time to take to the live stage. In autumn 2018 Alcazar will embark on a nationwide tour – “20 years of disco – Mission completed”, which will be the band’s last ever tour together.
Alcazar’s latest single “In the name of love” has been written by Linnea & Joy Deb and has had the honour of being named ‘this year’s official EuroPride anthem’. Alcazar will undoubtedly appear at EuroPride 2018 (Stockholm & Gothenburg) this summer in some guise, before heading to the rehearsal rooms to put together a full two-act show that they will be taking on tour and subsequently bringing to The Theatre, Gothia Towers.


2000 – Casino
2003 – Alcazarized
2004 – Dancefloor Deluxe
2009 – Disco Defenders

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