New: Gothia Towers pastry

The Gothia Towers pastry for 2023 has been created by Gothia Towers Head Pastry Chef Josefine Pagander, who also won Pastry Chef of the Year 2022.

This year, Gothenburg is celebrating its 400-year anniversary. The amusement park Liseberg celebrates its 100th birthday. And at the same time our venue celebrates 100 years at Korsvägen.
All that history, and the significant milestones for Gothenburg and ourselves, inspired Josefine in creating the very first Gothia Towers pastry.
“We wanted to incorporate the city’s various jubilees in this year’s flavour combination and so settled on organic chocolate, sea buckthorn, timut pepper and sea salt spray,” says Josefine.

The decision to include sea buckthorn, a local ingredient, was self-evident. Fresh and tangy sea buckthorn serves as a fantastic complement to the seductive taste of the chocolate. While the pepper ties it all together, in terms of both flavour and history. Pepper was transported to Gothenburg by the East Indiaman ships, and we opted for timut pepper from Nepal because of its gorgeous aroma of grapefruit, which adds an exotic touch to the pastry. The sea salt spray is a nod to the ocean voyages of the aforementioned ships. Josefine describes the pastry as follows:
Delicious choux pastry filled with chocolate crème and timut pepper caramel with sea salt spray, topped with sea buckthorn crème.

This is the very first Gothia Towers pastry. We plan to come up with a new creation every year. Inspired by events, both in-house and in Gothenburg.

The pastry will be available to buy from our lobby café Twentyfourseven. To be enjoyed either in our café or as a take away treat.