Convenient parking

During your stay at Gothia Towers you can choose from a number of convenient parking options, such as parking in our own garage or in the nearby Focus car park. All options are extremely popular, so to guarantee a parking space for your car, it is advisable to pre-book.

Focus car park

SEK 255/night

We offer the opportunity to pre-book parking in the enclosed section in the nearby Focus car park (Fabriksgatan 45) for SEK 255/night (valid from 15.00 on your day of arrival until 13.00 on your day of departure).
If you have booked a parking space and need to park before 15.00, you can always try entering our enclosed section and checking for available spaces.

The easiest way to pre-book is when you reserve a room, or online via the link you receive in your confirmation or welcome e-mail from us before your arrival. Alternatively contact the reservations team by e-mail:
[email protected] or tel: +46 (0)31-750 88 10.

Already booked a room?
If you have already booked your room direct with us, you can book a parking space online via My booking – you simply need to enter your reservation number and surname, log in and make your choice.

Swedish, Danish and Norwegian cars:
If you have pre-booked and provided us with your car registration number and a mobile phone number, you can drive directly to the Focus car park before checking in. The car’s registration plate will be scanned and the barrier will then open automatically for you at the entrance to the hotel’s enclosed section.

Cars from other countries, motorcycles or cars with a personalised number plate:
Our system is unable to read these number plates, meaning you do not need to provide your registration number. Instead, please collect a ticket from Guest Service before driving to the car park.

If you have not pre-booked parking, contact Guest Service when you arrive and they will help you to book a space, subject to availability.


  1. Follow the directions on the map, below, to Focus Car Park. Fabriksgatan 45, Göteborg
  2. Choose the middle lane into the car park which will take you directly up to level 3 and the Gothia Towers Focus Parking Section.
  3. If you provided your car registration number when booking, drive slowly up to the barrier and it will open automatically. If you have a ticket from the hotel, use it to open the barrier. If you have none of the above, press the ”phone/help” button at the barrier and we will help you open.
  4. Please note, it is important that you park your car inside the Gothia Towers Guest Parking Section. If you park outside the fenced section, you will risk getting a parking fine.
  5. The last six digits of your mobile number will be used as a code to open the door when you want to access the parking upon departure. If you have a ticket, please scan it.


Address to the car park: Fabriksgatan 45, Göteborg

The car park is open 24 hours, but the indoor passage to the hotel is closed during the hours 24:00-06:00.
You may park until 13:00 on the day you check out.

Do not leave any valuables in your car!

The hotel is not responsible for any parking fines related to parking outside the Gothia Towers Guest Parking section.

The maximum height at the Focus car park is 2.05 metres.

Print-friendly directions and information about the Focus car park >>